VAN•HOA accompanies with artisan Dang Van Hau to revivify the art of Con Giong Bot

On April 16, 2021, VAN • HOA and To He Viet officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement between the two sides, marking the first time an artist and an enterprise have collaborated together.

About the craft of Con Giong Bot, this is an art that has existed and been prosperous in Vietnamese, especially popular on Full Moon Festival. According to cultural researcher Trinh Bach, nowadays, this is often mistaken for To He, but in fact, this is a completely different art. Con Giong Bot converges many essences, and requires lots of hard work from the creator: from the technique of flour mixing so that the finished product can be displayed for a long time, to the art of crafting extremely fine details. Above all, each traditional model carries vestiges and meaningful messages that have a footprint of folk identity.

Unfortunately, the name "Con Giong Bot" is gradually disappearing from Vietnamese culture, partly because the raw materials are expensive and difficult to find, partly because of the lack of artists who’s passionate about keeping this art alive.

Artist Dang Van Hau is one of the few people who are nurturing the essence of Con Giong Bot. After more than 20 years rooting for it, with his relentless efforts, Mr. Hau was awarded the title "Hanoi Artist" by the People's Committee of Hanoi City - Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade.

To restore the art of "Con Giong Bot", artist Dang Van Hau has established "To He Viet", a more popular name to most people to focus on introducing traditional as well as new dough models that are closer to pop culture. Over the past few years, To He Viet has successfully acquired a reputation to the masses.

His team is now having a great desire to revive the unique culture of the "Con Giong Bot" - with many products that honor and spread national cultural values. VAN • HOA is very honored to be trusted by Mr. Hau to accompany his team on the way to regain the position of Con Giong Bot on the Vietnamese cultural map.

Follow us to catch up with all the interesting events coming up next from VAN • HOA and Tò He Viet!

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