What makes a Vietnamese Vietnamese?

This is our foundation question. 


Raymond Williams, a novelist and critic influential, once wrote in his dictionary “Keywords”, in which the word “culture” carries various intrinsic nuances of meaning, associated with the adaptation process and the formation of a constellation of general values. This also implies the creative process, experience and discovery of new values.


Perspectivelly, VAN HOA believes “culture” is a living entity constantly evolving and transforming in a parallel development with the flow of time.  However, “local identities” constructed and developed over time are valuable assets to particular regions and countries, when they carry certain irreplaceable values, beliefs and advantages.


Vietnam is a nation with a dense history of innumerable ebbs and flows, integrated with different contradictory cultures. This emboldens the creation of distinct “local identities” within regions. The Vietnamese language is insofar an exemplary case representing this form of distinction. 


Join us in our journey defining Vietnamese local identies!


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